I have been thinking a lot this week about gratitude and how I just feel better when I embrace the attitude of gratitude. Don’t you notice it? Life just goes smoother when we notice the good going on around us.

I think this goes beyond the question at the Thanksgiving table, “What are you thankful for?” It is the daily focus of what do I have to be grateful NOW.Consider this as we enter into another part of our Holiday Trifecta journey this year. If you have not heard me talk about the Holiday Trifecta and how it can have a negative impact on us (and our eating), I suggest you look at my blog.

This week I talked on my Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast about
Gratitude Practice. I want to be in the flow of gratitude more often than not. Want to join me?Check out this week’s podcast and get some inspiration for your own Gratitude Practice. I invite you to have a listen on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast.

Episode 29 – Gratitude Practice

  • 3 reasons gratitude is important.
  • 3 problems that occur when we do not focus on gratitude.
  • 3 positive outcomes you can anticipate from being in gratitude more often.

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at the end to feel like you really accomplished something.