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Mindfulness: I am slowing down!

I have a confession to make. I tend to eat fast, no matter how hungry I am. I have not really focused on changing this behavior, because I have learned to adapt to it by putting less on my plate (so I do not end up overeating). I know the importance of eating slowing:...

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The Secrets to Understanding Emotional Eating

Do you ever find that you eat more than you planned? Do you eat until you feel stuffed? Do you try diet after diet only to ultimately gain weight back? This might begin to make you think that there is something wrong with you and that you are doomed to struggle with...

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Derail the Holiday Cravings: Lessen the Stress

This time of year is full of opportunities for food to be in our faces (literally and figuratively). I find it is the time when we can feel out of control with food, because of all the company parties, family get togethers, candy bowls and the special holiday food....

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Twinkies and Mindful Eating

A few years ago I found on my Facebook feed a video posted by Jean Fain (an expert in mindful eating) of a woman eating a Twinkie. I am not going to get into any debate whether Twinkies are food or not, but the video is a good example of mindfully eating something...

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Summer Strategy: End Emotional Eating

Last summer, I wrote on the blog a strategy to end emotional eating by having a Summer Bucket List. It was an opportunity for me to declare what I wanted to accomplish over the summer so I could then know I "got something done."  I put many items on my list and many...

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