Thank You – Emotional Eating Solutions Group Program (March 2016)

I am so excited you signed up for the Emotional Eating Solutions- 8 Week Group Program. I know you will make some important changes through this program. This will be your go to page for recordings*, assignments, and log in information.

Phone Log In: 1 (605) 562-3140

Participant Code:  628462#

We will start at 12:00 Pacific and end at 12:50. You can ask questions live on the call.. I may mute you if there is a lot of noise, but there will be a way to raise your hand by pressing *6. If you cannot be present on the call, you can email me questions and I will answer them on the call and you can hear it on the recording.

8 Week Group Calls

3/17- Orientation to the program. What does dieting have to with emotional eating? What can we do to end emotional eating?


  • Write about your diet history.
  • Write how dieting has not served you.
  • Use one Self Care technique this week.

Below is the recording for the week.

3/24-  It is about the food, but it is not about the food.

Homework for the week:

Below is the recording for the week.



3/31- How our emotions effect eating.


  • Continue to use the Hungry/Full Scale (link above).
  • Continue to use the Food Mood Log (Link above).
  • Use  one new Self Care technique this week.
  • Use Am I Hungry System to determine how to manage physical hunger and emotional hunger. We went over how to use this system on the call.

Below is the recording for the week.


4/7- Our mind is a curious thing.

Important information during the call today about our mind and thoughts and how they influence our overeating and our thoughts about our body.

I told you some of my tools to limit my negative thoughts and I encourage you to try at least ONE:
  1. Meditations- I have an Android phone and have an app called Insight Timer that is FREE and has lots of meditation options from 1 minute to hours.
  2. Affirmations- positive I AM statements that are real and true. Mine are: I am loving, I am caring, I am healthy.
  3. Journal- I like Julia Cameron’s technique from her book the Artists Way. It is called the Morning Pages and it is 3 pages long hand of all the yucky stuff in our heads. Try it!
  • Find one more self care technique to use to take care of yourself and do that.
  • Practice journaling what is going on in your mind, you can use Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages technique of any other that fits for you.

Below is the recording for the week.



4/14-  Lifestyle

In this call we focused on Lifestyle and how food fits into the everyday. We looked at some strategies to become more mindful:
1) Eat sitting down.
2) Eat at the table.
3) Take away distractions while you eat: like television, computer and not eating while driving.
4) Eat satisfying food.
5) Notice if you are using food to combat feelings, like boredom and loneliness.
I went over some issues that might be coming up for you: frustration over your weight. This process is for the long haul not the short haul, like diets. But that does not mean you might not be feeling frustrated. I understand.
  • Practice sitting at the table and notice what it feels like to be distraction free while you eat.
  • Continue to find one more self care technique to use to take care of yourself and do that.

Below is the recording of the week.



4/21- Mindfulness

In this call we focused on Mindfulness and how it helps us pay attention to eating and feelings.

  1. Use mindfulness with our hunger.
  2. Use mindfulness with our emotions.
  3. Use mindfulness with our thoughts.

I also spent some time looking at scales and how they can sabotage us.


  • Focus this week on being mindful often through out the day.
  • Introduce one more Self Care Tool. Try something new, such as reading a new book, making a new recipe, taking a bath, calling an old friend, go to coffee alone, write in your journal.

Sorry the recording is not downloading on this page. Check your email this week which will have the audio attached.


4/28- Self Image/Body Image

In this call we focused on Body Image, Weight and Self Worth. Powerful topics and the discussion was super.

  1. How to look at your body differently and not respond to the negative voices.
  2. Do you respect your body?
  3. How do we respect our body?
    • Wear clothes that fit and that we like.
    • Change your body assessment tool.
    • Quit checking out who is the largest person in the room.
    • Stop body bashing
    • Do nice things for your body.


  • What does it mean to you to “respect your body?”
  • How do you disrespect your body?
  • How can you now respect your body?

Below is the recording for the call.




5/5- Maintenance- how to put it all together and keep it going.

In this call we looked at creating a Wellness Plan (Wellness Plan- Emotional Eating Solutions.) We walked through the whole plan which will give you a method to create maintenance of all you have learned in this program.



  • Fill out the Wellness Plan
  • Download paperwork and audio for you to review.


Below is the recording of the call.



All calls are from 12- 12:50 pm (PT). I planned this course to take place at lunch time (at least in the Pacific Time zone it is), so be sure to find a private spot to listen to the call. Time zone converter is here for those of you in a different time zone.

*Please be aware that I may use the recording of these calls for future marketing and if you are concerned about your personal information on the recording, you can feel free to use an alternate name on the call.

If you have any questions as the group goes on fill out the form below and I will get back to you. You can ask a question for the group call (if you cannot be present) or you can send me a question about the program.

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