Emotional Eating Solutions Community Call 12/12/16


It is officially the holiday season. That included LOTS of food. You might be worried that you are going to overeat. Lessening stress can be your SECRET WEAPON to stop holiday overeating. Listen to the audio below to look at everything related to the holidays and stress eating..

  • Learn how stress relates to overeating.
  • Learn 3 strategies to derail those holiday cravings.
  • Find out why worrying about what you eat is the wrong thing to do.


Click below to hear the call.



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I invite you to take me up on my offer to talk with me for FREE on a Breakthrough Session. It is a free call with me to look at what is going on with you and get a plan together for YOU. Sign up here. 

The holidays can be tough and I want to offer my support to help you.  

Peace, Kayden_Studios_Photography_Kim-123