Emotional Eating Solutions- next steps

Week 8 of Emotional Eating Solutions has been bitter sweet for me. You now have an arsenal of information and understanding about yourself and emotional eating and I do not get to meet with you weekly anymore. Sigh.
Now, I want to check back in with you to see what you have discovered about yourself through our time together. There should be some better understanding of your relationship to food and the different tools you can now use.
It can be tough coming to the end of a program, because we had a rhythm of looking at food differently these last 8 weeks. There can be a let down when the program ends and you can be asking, what next? I do not want to leave you hanging.
Below are a list of ideas for continuity. There are also a few questions to help me better design the course and I would love to know what your takeaways are. Could you do me a favor and fill this out and just hit the submit button to send it to me? It should take you about 5 minutes and it would help me A LOT!
Emotional Eating Solutions- Next Steps