End Emotional Eating Teleclass 02122018

I am so glad you have signed up for my upcoming End Emotional Eating FREE Teleclass. Emotional Eating is such a lonely problem, and I have decided to create a monthly call to help the community. The format will be uplifting and informative. My goal is that you leave the call having something to do to help you end binge eating. Here is this months call:

Self-Love: The Key Ingredient to Everything

It is hard to feel good about yourself when you are thinking about food, overeating, and your weight? The secret is not more dieting and definitely NOT more self-hatred

Join Kim McLaughlin on this timely call where we will discover the secret in our Valentine’s Day theme call. We will look at how to increase our positive feelings about ourselves. We will see how there is a direct correlation between eating less and caring for yourself.

  • You’ll learn the secret to every challenge you have and how to get it?
  • 3 ways to start loving yourself more NOW.
  • How to get back on track when you are not in feeling good about yourself and the negativity takes over.



Check out the recording of this call.


Here is the journal questions from this call…

The barrier to loving myself is…

I experience self love the most when I…

Write for up to 10 minutes on each topic, starting each paragraph with one of the above questions.


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