End Emotional Eating Teleclass 050817

These monthly End Emotional Eating calls are FREE, quick, packed with information and support to help you out. I promise you will leave the call with something different to do, or with a new way to look at what is going on for you. This month our topic is:

Body Kindness: It’s Role in Ending Overating

  • Do you have negative conversations about your body to others or just in your head?
  • Are you actually kind to yourself and your body?

You might have a lack of “body kindness” where you diet and restrict food or overeat and don’t care. This behavior then affects how you feel about yourself and your body.

Join us on our monthly End Emotional Eating Teleclass to help you look at those hungers. Once you know the different hungers you can then feed yourself in a different manner. Here is what you can expect from this teleclass:

You will learn:

1) What is body kindness?

2) How your clothing size is not important.

3) What you can do differently now?

Click below to hear the call.


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