End Emotional Eating Teleclass 100917

new stickerThese monthly calls are FREE, packed with information and support to help you out. I promise you will leave the call with something different to do, or with a new way to look at what is going on for you. This month our topic is:

Good Food vs. Bad Food: The Battle is On!

Today’s call is important. There is so much information about what foods are “good” and what foods are “bad.” Every diet and every product and every nutritionist/dietitian thinks they are the one to follow. They contradict each other. What is the answer and how are you to know what is right for you?

Food is one of 6 components of your Emotional Eating Solution– the other 5 have nothing to do with food. We come to the table (literally) at least 3 times a day to eat. How can you decide what is right or who is right? There are some simple solutions you can follow to take your power back.

In this call we discussed:

  • What are good and bad foods? (Note- this will not be a talk about the latest diet, but simple solutions to this overwhelming problem). 
  • When is food just food?
  • How do I end the powerless feeling I have around food?

Click below to hear the call.


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