To get true food freedom, we need to explore why you diet and how diets have affected you AND failed you. 

First, let’s start with the facts

 It is predicted that the Global market for the weight loss industry will grow from $254.9 billion in 2021 to $377.3 billion by 2026.

We have all be trained that the only option to deal with overeating and weight concerns is dieting. That is the consistent message we have all heard since childhood. Many families by into this concept and put their children and teens on a diet, which is a predictor for eating disorders for those who are predisposed to eating disorders. 

We are sold weight loss products at an alarming rate. They are heavily marketed at the first of the year and prior to summer aka “bikini season.” We are told by the weight loss industry that we are not ok at the size we are and that we need to lose weight to be “healthy.” There is imagery that people who are thin are happy and people who are overweight are sad and lonely.  We have been sold a bill of goods- literally.

The diet mindset has been planted in use at a young age and it is pervasive throughout our lives unless we combat it. 

  1. We think we need to be a certain size.
  2. Society teaches us that we cannot accept our bodies except if we are thin. 
  3. There is a scale driven mindset where we must have a certain number on the scale to think that we are good enough or desirable. 

What do we know about diets?

  • First, they focus on deprivation. There are forbidden foods, and we want what we cannot have.
  • Second, diets make us focus on food all the time.
  • Third, diets lead us to see food as good or bad. 

How can you ditch the diet? 

  1. Ask yourself, what is dieting to me? Is it a constant focus on food, scale and what I can’t have?
  2. Are you focused on your weight?
  3. Learn to eat intuitively.

It takes time and support to ditch the diet mindset, because it is so pervasive in our culture. Be sure to get in a community where others are focused on letting go of the diet mindset AND give yourself the opportunity to learn about intuitive eating to let go of dieting. This is put you in step with a process that will lead to food freedom.

Kim McLaughlin is a psychotherapist, coach, podcaster, and author. She helps people who are struggling with overeating and emotional eating. You can find out more at www.FeedYourSoulUnlimited.com

This blog is based on a Food Freedom Facebook Live where we went into depth about emotional eating. You can access the video here.

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