We are now into December and our final month of the Holiday Trifecta; that three month period of October, November and December where there is HUGE focus on food. This is the month where there is even MORE food, MORE events, and MORE expectations. I love to contemplate what this season means to me and it made me wonder how I (and you) can find more peace. As I have been thinking about the idea of bringing more peace into my life, it made me look at how I can slow down this month and not be in a hurry. I am looking to make an effort to check my schedule for downtime and make sure I set aside time to be quieter. This includes quiet walks, meditation, music and journaling.

What helps you feel more peaceful? Do more of that!

This week the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast focuses
on inviting peace in your life.

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Episode 30– Peace with the Holidays and Food

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How to make a plan of action that you can follow over this holiday, which does
    NOT include how much food to eat.
  • 5 feelings that show up over the holidays and how to manage them.
  • Get into action to create a peaceful holiday season.

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These podcasts are quick (usually no more than 30 minutes) and each gives you a doable
at the end to feel like you really accomplished something.