Are you scared about Halloween Candy?

Here is a recent interview by Erin Summ. Erin is helps people with their inner confidence.


This is the time of year that we have ghosts and goblins, but our greatest fear can be of overeating.Halloween candy all over the place. Many people have bought the Halloween Candy and have already eaten it. This video is so helpful at any point in the holiday season and how to look at food differently.

Here are some ideas we discuss to look at overeating differently:

  • We tend to eat to feed our emotions.
  • We diet to deal with overeating.
  • How is self- worth connected to overeating?
  • How is there deeper feeling of shame and I am not good enough. Then we move into diet/restricting to bingeing/overeating and then we feel shame. This never ending cycle.

Some of the tips we discuss to deal with overeating:

  • Notice the need to diet/restrict. We are up against the $68 Billion dollar diet industry. This diet industry would be out of business, if it worked.
  • Use Intuitive eating to help us look at what really works.
  • How “Healthy Eating” is a diet in disguise.
  • Am I buying into the diet mindset?
  • Love yourself, not matter what size you are.
  • Connect back in with your body when you are thinking of eating. Am I hungry/full.
  • Check in with yourself and how you are feeling.

How to manage emotions around family issues around the holidays:

  • Ask yourself and be proactive with the question, “How will I take care of myself?”
  • Walk
  • Journal
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Sleep

Here is the link to the Overeating Halloween Candy: Peace with Food video series I discuss in this video.End overeating candy at Halloween

Here is a link to the “Just Be You” video that Erin did recently. It is a fun watch.

You can find Erin Summ at: https://www.erinsumm.com/