Thank You- Anti-Diet Revolution 21 Day Challenge

Thank you for signing up for the Anti-Diet Revolution 21 Day Challenge. I am confident you will learn so much about yourself and your relationship to food.

Here is what you will get:

  • Daily emails over 21 days covering the my 6 step signature system in managing overeating.
  • Entry in a Private Facebook group (Anti-Diet Revolution) where you and others can support each other. I will pop in regularly to encourage the continued learning.
  • 3 Q&A calls LIVE with Kim. Ask your questions about emotional eating, how to get off the diet roller-coaster, body image and self care. These calls will be recorded and sent to you, in case you cannot attend live. These calls will be _________ pacific.

How can you get the most out of this 21 Day Challenge.

  • Give yourself about 10 minutes each day to read the email, listen to the video and engage in the activity. Some days the activity will be short other days it will be longer.
  • Go easy on yourself and keep up as best you can.
  • Remember this is a process, food became an issue for you over time and it will get corrected over time.
  • Know I am here for you. Reach out in the Facebook group if you are confused or struggling. Also, celebrate what you are doing right.
  •  Use the hashtag #Antidietrevolution in your posts.

I look forward to hearing your progress. Let’s keep the Revolution going!!!

You can expect to see your first email in this series soon.