Thank You for Committing to Your Emotional Eating Solutions!

I’m so proud of you for taking this BIG step in committing to your Emotional Eating Solutions! This is an investment in yourself and your future. I’ll be sending you…

What do you get?

  • Needs Assessment- let’s see what is going on for you. This is an individualized look at what you struggle with, so a plan can be tailor made for you.
  • 2- 45 minute Coaching Calls a month with me for 6 months. We talk about what is going on with you. These calls are structured but flexible to meet your individual needs.
  • Weekly emails from me to support your progress.
  • Text or email me in the moment- to get quick solutions or support.
  • We will devise a Wellness Plan for you that will help you once the program is over. This will be your on-going road map to keep food in its place as nourishment.


  • Private Facebook page where you get support from ME on a regular basis and get to be surrounded by others who want to make a change in their relationship to food too (Value $1000).
  • A copy of my latest book “Discover Your Inspiration” (Value $15).
  • Attend my Emotional Eating Solutions Virtual Program (Value $499).
  • Access to all of my previous Teleclasses and I will select the one for you to focus on (Value $500).
  • 2 bonus calls with me that you get to schedule anytime within our 6 month program and up to 3 months after. This can be after the program ends and you can reconnect for a “tune up” or during the program when you are needing extra support. (Value $600).