Thank You: Women’s Summit

Thank you for being a part of this Summit.

Here are your free gifts for listening.

Here are the Hungry and Full Scales that I talked about on the summit.

The Hungry/Full scale is a separate series of emails that will give you step by step plan to look at your hunger differently. To access all of this program, just use this link access the plan.

Here is you free access to some of my most popular recordings.

  • Ending Emotional Eating: What Are You Really Hungry For?

In this audio we go over the 4 types of hunger and only one of them is physical hunger.


  • How To Stop Thinking About Food So Often

    Struggle with the constant thoughts about food? Listen to this.


  • Self Love the Key to Ending Overeating

    Self Love is the key to ending so much struggle. This is a key component, listen now.

Here are some of my most popular blogs:

  • Get in touch with self love. Read more here.
  • Tips to get you through stressful times. Read more here.



Here is a special bonus for being a part of this Summit, I am providing a FREE 1 hour group call with me. Get a whole new perspective, understanding, and guidance about food.

Ask me any questions. If you have no questions, show up to hear what others have to say and ask. If you cannot attend live, send in questions and I will make sure to answer them.

I will send you the log in details for the call on Monday July 9 at 12:00 pm Pacific as we get closer to the date. Don’t worry if you are unable to attend live, I will send out a  recording.


Want even more? You have the opportunity to sign up for a FREE 45 minute Breakthrough Session with me. Just you and me talking about your issues and your needs. We will come away with a plan that fits for you. Sign up now here!