I really want to be a best selling author and I need your help!

I am looking for as many people as possible to help launch my latest book:


Feed Your Soul; Nourish Your Life!

A Six Step System to Peace with Food


This book has been in the works for a year and I am so proud of the information I have for you. It truly will help you end emotional eating, have peace with food and peace in your life.
All you need to do is buy a Kindle version of my book on May 1 for ONLY 99 cents. That is it.


The process is super simple and I will walk you through it.
First, you will need to sign up to be on my Best Selling Book Campaign list. The form is at the bottom of this page.
Second, I will send you a few emails as we get closer to the launch date (May 1) to get you the links to buy the eBook.
Third, all you need to do is go to Amazon on May 1 and buy a Kindle version of my book for .99. That is it!


Can I Count On You To Help Me?


I want to get this book into as many hands as possible. Helping people end emotional eating is my passion.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle you can read it on other tablets, including your phone and computer- remember it is only 99 cents on the launch date (as opposed to $4.99 regularly).
Thank you for your time and I appreciate your help. Sign up below.


Kim McLaughlin