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Ditch the Diet

This is a portion of the transcript of from Episode #3 from my Podcast: Feed Your Soul with Kim. It happens twice a year at the New Years and just prior to the summer. At New Years the focus is on losing weight and getting to your goal weight during the year, because...

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Six Core Components to Feed Your Soul

This is a transcript of from Episode #1 from my Podcast: Feed Your Soul with Kim. In my work as a Psychotherapist and in my Coaching business, I find people are using food for comfort, for recreation, and for ways to connect. The vicious cycle of over-”dieting” and...

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The Benefits of Mindful Living

Mindful living is about living in the present moment without judging yourself or others. When we are not in the present moment, we are then tied up fretting about the past or worrying about the future. For many of us, mindful living does not come naturally, because we...

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Surviving the Holidaze

I was in church last Sunday and the music minister said she had a term for the holidays: she calls them the holidaze. I resonated with the word holidaze and began to think of how much this season seems to leave me in a daze. The daze of shopping, eating, drinking,...

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Holiday Trifecta

As far as I am concerned the holiday season starts October 1. I call this time of year the Holiday Trifecta: Three major holidays in quick succession. In October there is Halloween, in November there is Thanksgiving, and in December there is Christmas; it is the 3...

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5 HOT Tips to Stop Overeating Halloween Candy

Are you scared of more than goblins and ghosts at Halloween? Many of us are scared of having Halloween candy around, because we are afraid we are going to eat too much. Truthfully, there is a lot of candy on Halloween. The problem is even greater because there is the...

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Halloween Candy is Everywhere

Halloween candy is everywhere right now. Seriously.   Have you bought any? I posted a question on my Facebook page asking if people had bought candy yet. The answers ranged from "NO" to I can't have candy in the house." There are many different reasons we overeat...

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