You are searching for help to end emotional eating.

I know you have given it your best effort and most likely have tried many avenues. I have worked with many people in your situation and I understand how important the decision to ask for help is. And you want to find the right kind of help. I get it.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a process where I work with you to help you discover what you want and help you put together how you can get there. I am kind and empathetic, but I will also ask you the tough questions to help you see what might be stopping you from getting to your ultimate goal. I want you to be successful and I use the skills and techniques I have learned over the years to help you get there.

During the coaching sessions, I use my skills to listen deeply to you and what you need. You will find that I often check in with you to make sure I am hearing you correctly. My clients say they appreciate my ability to really listen to them. I want you to be successful in the ways you want to be successful and I am always searching for your motivation and any block that stop you. Although there are commonalities among the people that I work with, each one is an individual and I make sure your needs are top of my mind.

How do we work together?

I work with many of my coaching clients by over Zoom or phone. This makes our sessions more convenient for you.

What are your fees?

The fee depends on the services you sign up for. I provide individual session and different packages. We can talk about the fees during our free consultation.

How do I get started?

Contact me here so we can get to know each other and your particular needs better.