Are tired of struggling with food? Have tried everything and nothing has worked? Feel frustrated and ready to give up?

You have tried everything and nothing has worked long term. It might work for a while but you fall off the plan. You are afraid you will never get a handle on your eating. You diet and lose weight only to gain it back and then some.

This is the point where you consider you are a lost case and can never feel peace with food, your body, or your life. I understand. Food can be consuming and overwhelming. I want to help you put food in its proper place as nourishment and help you feed your soul in another way.

You are not alone.

This is not a quick fix, it is a fix for the long haul. It is a plan to keep forever, not a diet you go off of. You want help to keep on track and to keep motivated. I have the solution for you. I offer a 1:1 private coaching program designed to help you with your individual needs.

This program is not for you:

  • If you want a quick fix method.
  • If you want to remain in the struggle.
  • If you want to give up on yourself.

This program is not for everyone. I get it. I want to make sure this is a good fit, because I invest myself in your success.

But this program is for you if you:

  • Want to find a way to put food in its place as nourishment.
  • Want to feel at peace in your body.
  • Wake up feeling joy and contentment in your life.
  • Know that with some support focused on you, you could be done with this.

If you are ready to get off the diet roller coaster and turn your life around this program is for you? Let’s talk about what the program offers.

What do you get?

Needs Assessment- let’s see what is going on for you. This is an individualized look at what you struggle with, so a plan can be tailor made for you. (Value $300)

Biweekly 45 minute Coaching Calls with Kim for 6 months (12 total calls). We talk about what is going on with you. These calls are structured, but flexible to meet your individual needs. (Value $4200)

Weekly emails from Kim to support your progress. (Value $300


Emotional Eating Solutions Self Study Course this course is gold. It will help you delve deeper into the concepts you discuss with Kim during the coaching sessions. (Value $297)


Monthly Group QA calls with Kim- Join with others to listen to common questions others are asking. (Value $1500)

A copy of her latest book “Feed Your Soul; Nourish Your Life! A Six Step System to Peace with Food and the companion Workbook and Journal (Value $50)

Wellness Plan designed with you to enable you to continue your progress. (Value $300).

2 bonus calls with Kim that you get to schedule anytime within our 6 month program and up to 3 months after. This can be after the program ends and you can reconnect for a “tune up” or during the program when you are needing extra support. (Value $700).

Ready to Start NOW?

All this for $2997 or 3 monthly installments of $1100!

(This program is valued at $7600+)

Pay in Full:



3 Monthly Installments:

3 Payments of $1,100 


The value of this program with bonuses is over $7600. There is also value in becoming free from the worry around food.

Ready to sign up? Let’s get started.

It canbe hard to make the financial commitment in a one lump payment, so I am also offering you the option to pay in 3 monthly installments.

YES, I am ready to start my Emotional Eating Solutions Private Coaching Program

Pay in Full:



3 Monthly Installments:



This is an investment of energy, time and money.

That is important.

This is an investment in yourself and your future.

How much longer do you want to struggle?

How many times do you want to hear yourself complain about food and your weight?

Commit to yourself now and work in a program that helps you move beyond the struggle with food.

Want to know more?

Is this a fit for you?

Let’s schedule a Breakthrough Session to see what your needs are.