End Emotional Eating Teleclass 061217

These monthly End Emotional Eating calls are FREE, quick, packed with information and support to help you out. I promise you will leave the call with something different to do, or with a new way to look at what is going on for you. This month our topic is:

Secrets to Summer Success: Ending the Overwhelm with Food and Body Image

  • Are you concerned about how your legs look in shorts or a bathing suit?
  • Do you feel concerned about how you can handle food on a vacation?
  • Does the summer bring out some feelings of overwhelm?

It is the start of summer and the time for vacations, parties, and summer clothing (swim suits!!!). This time of year can be a little scary given the opportunity to bare your arms, legs and body in more revealing clothing. It can also be the time for fear of food and how to handle vacations, BBQ’s, and all the yummy (sweet?) foods coming your way. Let’s put the fear away and get into the swing of summer in a positive way.

Join me on this call as we will discuss:

  • The three ways you can feel better about your body now (no matter what your size).
  • My top Summer Strategy to help you manage food on vacation without feeling bad about yourself.
  • The number one way to have a summer where you do not feel obsessed with food.

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