End Emotional Eating Teleclass 08142017

These monthly End Emotional Eating calls are FREE, quick, packed with information and support to help you out. I promise you will leave the call with something different to do, or with a new way to look at what is going on for you. This month our topic is:

How Low Self-Esteem is Related to Weight Gain 

  • Do you feel bad about how you look?
  • Do you feel concerned about your weight?
  • Feel like you cannot stop eating?
  • Let’s look at self-esteem. Do you know how important it is?  Self Esteem influences when you eat, how much you eat and why you eat. Getting a handle on self-esteem is a key and one of my 6 components to your Emotional Eating Solution (only one of the components has to do with food).

Let’s spend some time looking at the importance of good self-esteem and what you can do about it.  Join me on this call as we will discuss:

    • What is self-esteem?
    • How does self-esteem influence weight gain?
    • Learn 3 strategies to increase self-esteem NOW.


Click below to hear the call.


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