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Thank you for purchasing my book. I am so excited for you to start your journey to look at dieting and food differently.

This the private resources page for those who have purchased or received my book. You will find free resources to help you on your journey to end dieting and emotional eating. This book was a labor of love and I feel honored you took the time to read my story.

I want to support you on your journey to discovering your relationship to dieting. I have put together this resource page for you to return to as you need to uncover how food and dieting is effecting you. Here resources I have gathered to help you:

Top Tips to End Emotional Eating

These tips will support you in looking at food differently and help you learn how to use food as nourishment. Sign up form is in the right hand box on this page.


Here are some blogs that will help you:

What is Emotional Eating?

End Emotional Eating: Love Your Body Now

My Dieting Days are Over

Food Rules

You can look through my other blogs to see what might feel supportive to you.

Here are some audios that will help you:

Dieting and Weight Loss Resolutions


Feeling Negative about Your Body:


Free Breakthrough Session

If you are needing support, I offer a Free Breakthrough Session to help you figure out what your particular needs are. You can sign up here.

I hope you find these resources helpful and give you insight into what might be going on with you. Please know that I am available to support you. I offer individual and group programs as well as many free resources.