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I have been thinking about ways to support our community during the time of COVID-19. I am hearing so much worrying about food, overeating, gaining weight and stress. The stores are out of toilet paper and are out of many staples. We are being asked to stay home, work from home (if you haven’t been laid off). Oh and don’t get me started about having to homeschool my child!

COVID-19 is no joke and now that we are settling into the normal (which seems to change ever moment), there is a lot of temptation and worry about overeating AND gaining weight. The anxiety is real and it makes complete sense, because we just do not know what the future will look like.

I am offering access to the recording of a  FREE zoom I recently had. Here is the link to sign up now.

OvereatingWho is this call for?

      • You want to have peace with food even during COVID-19.
      • You want an encouraging and POSITIVE place to get some feedback.
      • You want strategies to let go of the power food has on you.
      • You want a community of like-minded people.

Who is this call NOT for?

      • If you are perfectly good with food during social isolation.
      • If you don’t feel bad about your body and how you look.
      • If you think you cannot change.

Here is how it will work…

End Emotional Eating   That is a lot to offer for FREE.


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