Stop Overeating- Quick Fix Guide

Stop Overeating- Quick Fix Guide

$29 (over $200 value)


  • Do you eat more than you plan to?

  • Do you struggle with your weight and feel bad about your body?

  • Is it hard to stop eating once you have started?

There are many factors that lead people to overeat and there are some simple methods to start putting food in its proper place as nourishment. I have

created a Quick Fix Guide that, when followed, it can help you curb those food cravings. In this program you will learn:


  • How to measure physical hunger, the starting spot to eating.
  • How to notice if it is not physical hunger.
  • What to do and say to yourself to not overeat.

This is the method I use with all of my private clients and it does work. I use this method myself and it is an effective way to look at food and not struggle around meals.

What you will get is:

  • Stop Overeating- Quick Fix Guide ($79 value) which walks you through step by step how to look at food differently and how to know when to eat.
  • Hungry/Full Scale ($39 value) which is the starting point to all eating and a process you can use every day at every meal.
  • Emotional Eating Guide ($49 value) how to determine if your desire to eat is emotionally driven.
  • Self-Care Guide ($39 value) the process to determine what to do instead of overeating.

The total value of this Quick Fix Guide is $206. This is a process that will last you forever and you can utilize it at least 3X a day (every time you think about eating).

This program is VERY affordable. Sign up today to get this QUICK FIX

Feed Your Soul, End Emotional Eating

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