Here are the Freebies I offered through our Women Empowerment Alliance


These freebies are such a great opportunity for you to get centered and really create change in your life. I am so glad you are here to download and use them. They will give you some important insights into how to be more mindful in your daily life. Down load the eBook to read AND download the audio version to listen as you drive or during activities. There are even more free gifts for you if you sign up


The Art of Living Mindfully EBook:

Mindful Living EBook– download it NOW.


The Art of Living Mindfully Audio:


To get into action be sure to use the journal questions at the end of each chapter. They will help you explore how to live more mindfully.


Lastly, I encourage you to sign up for a FREE Breakthrough Session with me to see what blocks you from living more mindfully. Sign up here.


Kim McLaughlin

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Kim McLaughlin, M.A. is a licensed therapist, author, and motivational coach. She helps people move from struggling with food, weight, and dieting into feeling peaceful with food. She has personal experience with overeating and all the pain that goes with it.

Kim McLaughlin has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, which gives her the knowledge, training, experience, and understanding to really help people move out of frustration and into action.

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