Join me in this edition of our Daily Dose of Positivity. I love using the card deck “Affirmators,” which are cards to help encourage us to get in the positive flow.


Daily Dose of Positivity- Ultimate Potential


“I chose to live a life of my fullest potential.”

This Affirmator card is focused on Ultimate Potential (a fun pick by my daughter). Sometimes it is hard to be at our full potential due to outside circumstances. I encourage you to look at whether you are living to your fullest potential.

How do you get into your fullest potential?

  • Consider if you are living to your fullest potential?
  • Are you doing everything that you want to?
  • Get out of your comfort zone to experience more of your ultimate potential.

Get into the zone of moving towards your potential. As I stated in the video, I stepped out of my comfort zone to make different videos this week as part of a video challenge I was participating in. It made me try new things and get uncomfortable, in a good way. What about you? How about stepping out!


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