A few years ago I found on my Facebook feed a video posted by Jean Fain (an expert in mindful eating) of a woman eating a Twinkie. I am not going to get into any debate whether Twinkies are food or not, but the video is a good example of mindfully eating something sweet (food we often eat mindlessly). I notice that when we overeat on sweets, there is not much focus on the taste, the texture, the quality of what we are eating. It is more the emotional hit of pleasure that we notice, which can lead us to overeat. But the act of noticing, appreciating and tasting the food we eat has a profound effect on our ability to eat what we want and stop when we are full.

So try this, eat something sweet (when you are hungry) and really notice and engage with the food: eat it Mindfully. Notice the package it came in, notice the crackle when you open it. Eat sitting down with full attention on what you are eating. Take a bit, savor it. Chew it fully. Swallow it fully. Then pick it up look at it and eat some more. Take a deep breath and notice if you feel physically satisfied. When you do put it down and stop.

Here is the video. It is a great example of mindful eating.

What is your experience with mindful eating? We would love to know more in the comments.

Kim McLaughlin, MA is a Counselor and Motivational Coach who specializes in working with people who suffer from binge eating and emotional eating. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. 


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